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I was married, 25 years, to a pipeline welder. We spent 21 yrs. traveling from job to job living in a travel trailer. Worked from coast to coast, Canada to S. Texas. I always said that we lived in the camper and camped at the house in Holcomb, KS (that I called home for 30 yrs) periodically. Bill retired Jan. of 2000. At that point I decided to attempt to turn my favorite hobby into a business. In 2006 he decided to go to AR. and fish permanetly. After being forced to sell the house, I am finding myself here in Cherokee America and trying to make ends meet via a www. enterprising venture.

I am a self taught Leather Carver with 37 years expirience piddling around with leather. I love the smell of leather, the lasting quality and the artistry of the craft. I have always just played around with it, as a hobby. Making things for family and friends. Sometimes trading work for new tools, patterns or leather. Having done this for 34 yrs. setting up the business was a simple matter of a computer and a website. As my tool and pattern selection are in pretty good shape.

I once worked in a retail shop, tooling belts for a Christmas season. There I did receive a little instruction in 'tooling shortcuts' .... But NOT TO WORRY, I also learned from that expierience that shortcuts, look like shortcuts. So you won't be getting that here, only the best for my customers.

I do NOT believe in shortcuts!!!

I DO however BELIEVE God and IN Jesus Christ, thus...

"As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise"
(Luke 6:31)

Therefore I believe that you should receive everything that you pay for and more. Something we seldom find in today's market place...

BUT isn't it a BLESSING when we do?!?!?!

For this reason I begin all projects with top quality product then give each one 100% of my heart and
"God given talent".

I believe in QUALITY over QUANITY and I guarantee your satisfaction on every purchase.

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Vest front vest back

Although Leather Clothing and Design
Just isn't my thing...

I DID design and build this collar/vest.

I had some help though... Instruction in pattern making, cutting and sewing of leather, moral support and use of equipment from my friend...

Frankie Aars
Fashions by Fankalee
Gillette, WY.

Leather clothing and design is her thing!!!

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