The Story of Leather

Leather is one of man's oldest Natural resourses. Indeed if you were to open the Bible to the book of Genisis, Chapter 3, Verse 21, you would find the first literary reference to leather. "Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skin and clothed them."

Eons ago, man the hunter, found that the animals he killed for food could also provide him and his family with sandals and garments by simply curing and fashioning the skins.

Decorating leather is a fascinating art that dates back to prehistoric days. Archaelolgists have found leather pieces...partially persearved leather cloaks and flagons scattered wherever ancient man roamed. They have uncovered leather articles and artifacts from cultures dating back over 33 centuries and found them to be in an excellent state of preservation. These articles were produced in the 1300 - 1400 BC period.

Beautifully decorated leather thongs have been unearthed from tombs of Egypt. And the prized Shields worn by Roman centurions were of decorated leather.

Man's dependency and appreciation of leather, coupled with his instinctive drive to improve upon the beauty of Nature led him to practice creative artistry using leather as a media or raw material. From fashioning crude footwear to the creation of unbelievably beautiful atricles of great utility.

When the Spanish conquered Mexico in the early 16th Century, leather artistry came boldly into the New World.

The Conquistadores brought horses and with them came the need for saddles and other horse gear. Spain had long been a leader in leather artistry and the skilled craftsmen who came to the New Land coupled their vast knowledge with the inspiration they gleaned from the beautiful floral patterns to be found all about them. Thus came the transition from basic geometric designs dating back to medieval times to the floral patterns of modern artistry.

Leather work offers almost limitless horizons. And products, that with minimal care will last for generations.

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