General Care for your Fine Leather Goods

TIPS for the Care of Fine Leather Goods

Always hang leather coats on wide, padded hangers. Use shoe trees in shoes and boots. Stuff empty handbags with tissue paper to help retain their shape. Do not store leather in plastic bags or other non porous covers.

Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally away from any source of heat. Apply a little conditioner when it is nearly dry to restore flexibility. Follow this with a full conditioning treatment of Bick 4 when the leather has completely dried. Not for pourous leathers, ie: suede, pigskin, lambskin, etc.

In winter, promptly remove any salt deposits form shoes and boots by sponging with clean water, then follow with a treatment recommended above for wet or damp leather.

To prevent mildew, protect leather from excessive humidity. In a dry environment, to prevent from drying out, cracking and flaking, condition the leather regularly (every 2 - 3 months).

Do not use waxes, silicone products, or other leather preparations that impair the ability of the leather to "breathe".

Never use caustic household chemicals to clean leather. Avoid leather preparations that contain alcohol, turpentine, or mineral spirits.

Use of mink oil or other animal fats will darken leather. Animal fat can turn rancid, causing the stitching and leather to rot.

Do not store leather goods in plastc bags or other non-porous cover. If clothing must be stored in a garment bag, keep it open to all ventilation. I personally find that a white king size pillow case with a hole cut in the closed end makes an excellent cover for leather coats, vest, and other leather clothing.

Never use preparations made for smooth leather on suede or "rough-out" leather. Use only cleaners or other preparations made specifically for suede such as Bickmore's Suede & Nubuck Cleaner, Boot Gard or for your lambskin, pigskin, sheepskin or other fine pourous leather garments use Tenderly by Urad, which is the ultimate leather care product for your delicate leathers. It is an amazing leather softener and can be used on : belts, purses, leather jackets, leather furniture, etc.

Tenderly is intended to be used exclusively on soft porous leathers, such as lambskin, pigskin, sheepskin etc.

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