CC and Urly's Grand

2001 Yolanda Bledsoe All Rights Reserved

Our Header Graphic Sketch

The sketch which we have converted for use as a background image and page header graphic is reproduced from a pencil on paper sketch.

The original sketch was done in 1982 by "Colorado Western Artist, Dixie K. Clare", from Cripple Creek, CO. The original is 11 X 14 and is now part of the "Clare Family Collection".

This sketch is of our Leather Carver - "CC" the Christian Cowgirl - Yolanda Bledsoe and her horse "Urly's Grand" better known to those who loved and delt with his antics as "Squirrely Urly".

We will try to include more of Dixie's work as time and space permit. We hope you enjoy it.

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